I call Bullshit.


“If you were really meant for each other, your paths will cross again.”
“If you truly love someone, set them free. If they love
you, they’ll come back.

Oh Bull-shit.

I’ve been told a lot of deceitful, untrue things in my lifetime.
But none more untrue than those few sentences.

Love and relationships take work. hard work. 
It takes sacrifice and compromise. It takes reasoning and communication. It often has fights and arguments and not talking to each other for days.
Love is difficult.
Get real about it.

But it is so rewarding. In too many ways to even begin to list!
Walking up and going to sleep next to the face of the person you know loves you more than anything in the world – nothing beats that.

Warms cuddles and soft kisses after a long day – it makes everything worth it. Every argument. Every sacrifice.

And as for the theory that you should let them go – no. never Ever.
You fight. When things get tough, you fight until the end.
You don’t give up and just “let them go.”
Your paths might just cross one day.
But if there is an ounce of true-love for that person, you make damn sure you don’t let them stray far enough that you have to depend on hope that your paths might cross. again.

You damn-well fight.



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