“For better and not-worse”

Go. Leave. Walk away as you’ve done before.
It’s the easiest decision in the world to make.
Walk away instead of hardening up and facing our challenges.

When you’re at the alter, you swear to love each other, for better or for worse.
but you must have misunderstood that.
Because you’re there for the better, but hit the road when things get to the worse part.

My grandparents generation loved each other till death did them part.
They didn’t let petty shit rip them apart. They knew what was most important.
They worked through their issues.
They didn’t just throw in the towel every time things got rough.

But you don’t get that.
So go. Leave. Walk away.

I want you to leave. I want you to go where the grass is greener.
Just so that you can smell the bullshit that lays beneath that grass.
Go to where the grass is greener and see that there is just as many issues as with us.
But go, so that you can hate yourself.
Hate yourself when you figure out the “worst” is just as much as our “worst.”
But go so that you can hate yourself because that “better” will never be as good our “better.”
Your new love will never love, cherish or commit to you as I did.
Go. Hate yourself for giving up so easily.
And in the meantime, I will find someone who understand that things are better and things are worse.
And sticks with me through all of it. 


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